About Us

Get up, it’s a wonderful day outside, or even not so wonderful, but you’re going to make it one.

How it all began

Tough day at work, deadlines to catch and you with a headache, thinking of holidays and longing summer strolls…


Open the closet, you’ll find clothes that will make you feel unique and others that will make you feel wonderful, even in days when your mood doesn’t help too much. Choose the one that suits you today, the one that makes you feel good. It’s a perfect day to do what you want, no matter what other’s think of.


That’s why we created MAKAY. An urban fashion brand, freshly founded in 2021 by Ourania and Tonia. The reply to the daily question: What do I wear today?

Putting together our 10-year experience in clothing, we have decided that it’s finally time for us to do EXACTLY what our heart craves for. Ready to wear designs that are not affected by any factor.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

— Rachel Zoe —